About the Brand

“Elite”, a brand name that seems familiar to the consumers yet unadvertised to the general public, is often associated with Zooper related products. Since 2001, Zooper products have been marketed in three categories: Elite, Everyday and Escape, categorized for the different designs, usage, manufacture materials and price ranges.

Elite is a high end stroller class manufactured with the highest quality materials and the safest, most comfortable designs that offers our consumers a special and unique product. Because of its excellent quality, superior designs and fashionable styles, the Elite products has become the prefered choice for the consumers and attract serious attention from the competitors since they were launched into the market. They even became the target of imitation in the manufacture industry. Nonetheless, our professional team and the excellent design of the products make imitation of the Elite an impossible task. So even up till today the brand, Elite, stands unwaveringly as a symbol for uniqueness, prestige, and admirable exclusiveness.

In the purpose of to fully manifest the exclusive value of Elite, start from the 2011 series, related product lines will be positioned as prestige products and, in addition to the brand upgrade, we will also offer exclusive VIP serivces to our Elite customers.

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