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Noble fashion Ultimate Luxury

The Luxurious Moving Castle
There was a future that is happening now
A perfect ergonomically design
A fusion of European Nobel luxury and Eastern fine craftmanship
A series of breakthrough innovative technology bring an
experience of both comfort and luxury to the baby.


Sun Shade

* Stores easily
* UV Protective that offers full protection from the sun's harmful rays.
* Attaches quickly and securely

Rain Cover

* Stores easily
* Protects from wind and rain
* Attaches quickly and securely

Foot Muff

* Provides luxurious padding for entire length of seat
* Easy to install
* The warming foot muff shields your baby from rain and wind and keep your baby warm at all times.

Sleeping bag

* Provides maximum shelter and comfort for your child
* Machine washable
* Long zipper closures on either side

Pram Body

* Combines the luxury of a bassinet with the ease of a baby carrier
* Easy to attach and remove to your stroller
* Comes with its own canopy
* Matching sleeping bag adds extra com fort, warmth and security
* Removable mattress pad

Snack Tray

* Convenient cup holder
* Durable easy to clean surface
* Keeps snacks and toys within baby's reach

Fabric Cup Holder

* Easy velco attachment to the handle bar of the Flamenco
* Two cup holders sized to hold large drinks
* Front mesh pocket perfect for Ipod, cell phone or keys
* Made of strong, water-resistant fabric

Safety car seat straps


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