Noble fashion Ultimate luxury

The Luxurious Moving Castle There was a future that is happening now A perfect ergonomically design A fusion of European Nobel luxury and Eastern fine craftmanship A series of breakthrough innovative technology bring an experience of both comfort and luxury to the baby.


Adjustable Handles

The adjustable handles can be adjusted to suit the users height and reduce the folded size for easier (easy) storage.

All-Purpose Canopy

A fully covered canopy shields off rain, sunlight, and the harmful UV rays, keeping your baby away from the hazardous environment.

Seat Base

The stroller is designed with practicality and convenience in mind, so the seat can be converted to face either directions or installed with a baby car seat or carrying basket.

Layback Seat

The seat can be stretched fully to allow the baby to lie flat on the back and the four-position adjustable angles put the baby in the most comfortable position. The seat can also be turned reversed over to face the adult, so that the parents can attend to the baby at any time. It is a comfortable and safe choice for the caring parents

Air Shock

Dual air pressure shaft suspension shock absorbers effectively decreases the shock brought by bumpy roads and makes automatic unfolding an easy and safe task.

Air-Filled Wheels

The 12 inches air-filled rear wheels are wear-resistant with optimum shock suspensions, suitable for all types of roads.

Front Bar

The front bar can be removed and replaced with a snack tray to give your baby a happy meal time.

Auto Align Front Wheel Set w/ Shock Suspension

With the special locking device, one step on the wheel latch locks both front wheels,
allowing the stroller to move forward in a straight line for increased safety and stability.

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