Base fabric color

Agile maneuverability Intelligent reversibility

A talented trend An easy control panel created base on human instinct
Move in and out, easy and agile control
The ultimate comfort riding experience
Together, you share happy times with your baby


All-Purpose Canopy

A fully covered canopy shields off rain, sunlight, and the harmful UV rays, keeping your baby away from the hazardous environment.

Single Hand Foldaway Switch

A simple flipping device allows the user to fold away the stroller with a single-hand operation in one simple and easy step.

Ventilation Net

The ventilation net behind the all-purpose canopy effectively increases airflow to keep inside of the stroller well-ventilated and comfortable for the baby when the all-purpose shade is completely drawn.

One-Hand Seat Recline

This attentive design allows you to put your baby in the most comfortable position within a single hand operation. The seat can also be adjusted to the full recline for the newborn babies.

New Style Sporting Wheels

The steady and fast racing wheels are integrated into the trendy designs that reveal your exclusive taste.

Auto Align Front Wheel Set with Suspension

With the special locking device, one step on the wheel latch locks both front wheels, allowing the stroller to move forward in a straight line for increased safety and stability.

Premium Head- Support Pillow

The head rest is made with the highest quality fabric and skin-friendly materials to protect the baby’s head and neck with a soft and comfortable touch.

Reversible Bassinet
and Sleeping Bag

The warm and comfortable bassinet and sleeping bag can be easily turned to a different, allowing the parents to take care of the baby in the most comfortable position.

Single Wheel Rotating Front
Wheel Design with Suspension

The front wheel is designed to turn independently and has high efficiency shock absorbing functions to ensure smooth spinning and easy strolling in the outdoor environment.

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