The new and improved full-cover sunshade is now in Zooper products-The all new design all-purpose canopy for the 2011 Zooper combines the UV net, rain cover, and sunshade into one single unit. Now, the all-purpose canopy serves all functions to shield your baby from rain, sunlight, and UV ray, saving you the trouble of bringing and setting up attachments.

The warming foot muff shields your baby from rain and wind and keeps your baby warm at all times. When the weather turns cold, it is like a comfortable blanket keeping the baby warm, so your don¡¦t have to worry about whether your baby will catch a cold.


No matter how the weather changes, your baby will have complete protection from external hazards.


The headrest, specially designed for newborn babies, is made with soft and comfortable materials to give your baby sweet dreams.


From newborn to small children, we provide your baby with the best protection. This five-point safety harness keeps your baby safe and prevents accidental clamping.


An attentive design to give your baby extra protection. The infant safety enclosure effectively prevents your baby from sliding out of the stroller.


It is a standard fitting for all Zooper products to give your baby maximum comfort.

The three-position adjustable leg rest allows your baby to stretch and move his/her little legs comfortably and provides the best protection.


A convenient pocket behind the all-purpose canopy is caringly designed for baby needs, lifting the weight off the mommy¡¦s shoulders.

A big utility basket takes the weight off the mommy¡¦s hands; makes it relaxing and joyful for family outings and shopping trips.


The cup holder is designed to take coffee cups of all sizes, so you can enjoy the afternoon tea with your baby.

Maybe you are holding an umbrella or another child in one hand, the horizontal handles allows you to operate easily with one hand.

With just one hand, you can adjust the backrest to any of four positions, including flat position for newborns. Only requires an easy motion; your baby won¡¦t even be disturbed when you flip the backrest up and down.

A single step on the latch brakes both wheels; which effectively prevents accidents caused by delayed reactions. This is a compulsory safety standard required in all the developed countries.

Easy removable front armrest protects your baby from sliding out of the stroller and provides a convenient mode for the baby get in and out of the stroller.

Designed for easy folding and unfolding, this simple design enables easily storage of your Zooper at most of the places.


The best handle positioning makes it easy to carry.

The special mechanism makes folding away simple and easy and reduces the stroller size for easy storage.

This convenient fastening seat belt basket type carseat ENSURES high safety and allows the carseat to fit securely in the stroller.

The unit stands independently after foldaway, so it can easily be stored in any of the corners in the house.


The whole series uses tough yet light aluminum stroller frames, which simultaneously takes care of portability and safety. Zooper is more durable than the ordinary strollers.


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