Moving In Style: A Twist Smart Review

Published : 2015-01-05 13:07:16
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Moving In Style with our Twist Smart from Zooper

received this Zooper Twist Smart Stroller from Zooper in exchange for my honest review. All experiences and opinions are my own. 

Father helps child in stroller

After Christmas shopping is a family tradition for us. December 26th also happens to be my husband's birthday, so we hit the after holiday clearance sales in the city and end our day with a birthday dinner to celebrate and relax.

This year my kids had their hearts set on picking up a few items remaining on their Christmas wish lists. For my son it was a large LEGO train set and my daughter had to pick up a DocMobile. Unfortunately this wouldn't leave much room left over in the back of our car for necessities like a stroller.

If you like to shop sales, you know carrying an 18-month old around through stores all day is impossible.

This was the perfect time to try out our new Twist Smart Stroller from Zooper. This umbrella stroller doesn't skimp on features though, but is fantastically compact, light and convenient for quick transitions so you won't miss out on getting all those good deals.

I love this Tealberry color, but this stroller comes in 5 color choices.

Folds Flat

This stroller conveniently locks into a compact, folded position with a side latch. Once the brake is applied to the wheels it can stand up for easy storage or while you are getting kids in and out of a parking lot. I love that it stays where I put it, and that is one less thing to worry about.

One Handed Stroller Operation

Our toddler was not having a great day shopping, so my husband appreciated that he could set up the Zooper Twist Smart with one hand. Life isn't always perfect, but having an easy to unfold stroller at least makes transitions less stressful.

Childresistant Buckle

The buckle is easy to use and secure. But not easy for little fingers to figure out.

Cup Holder

One of my favorite features included the cup holder, that comes with the stroller along with a front bar and infant carrier strap. It kept my water bottle handy for a long, hard day of shopping, but out of stride while pushing it.

Cargo Basket

I also appreciated a generous, but appropriate sized cargo basket underneath. It was ample enough to hold my wet bag and baby necessities, but not large enough for me to cram with random things.

If I have too much space, I tend to use it. And then, of course, forget all about it.

Cushioned Handles

The stroller was a breeze to push with tall, cushioned handles and swivel or locked front wheels. Despite being light, this stroller felt sturdy and didn't feel "tippy" as we navigated curbs, store aisles or sidewalk cracks.

If you have ever done the single-handed stroller push, you know that not all light-weight strollers are created equal. Sometimes I have a hand to hold, or my purse to secure, and this stroller delivered stability and control.

Great Shopping Day

Check out Zooper's website for other great stroller options, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for promotions and announcements.

Check out my brief video intro to the Zooper Twist Smart:


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