Moving In Style: A Waltz Smart Review

Published : 2015-03-04 14:54:46
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Moving In Style with our Waltz Smart from Zooper

When you have a baby many questions come to mind. One of these questions is about what products are best for your baby & what you will get the most use out of for your money. As a mom of two with my third baby on the way I know this question has come to mind a countless number of times.
On many of our list a stroller is at the top, but how do you know which one to get with how many brands & styles that are out there? For me I check to see the extra features the stroller has, which one is more practical when it comes to an easy set up & collapse, & how many months or years of use can I get out of a particular stoller. I learned that when it comes to this one must have baby item for most moms that although quality is still my number one concern, the thought "is this going to last me throughout my childs milestones" for example Newborn to Toddler.
Zooper Waltz Smart
Zooper offers a number of styles for you to find the perfect stroller for your baby and family. We chose the Waltz Smart which is perfect for both baby & toddler. Upon arrival I was amazed with how easy assembly was, the stroller comes unassembled with full instructions. I found it took us less than 5 minutes to assemble our stroller completely & quickly discovered how easy it was to "pop" up & collapse. For easy storage all the pieces easy detach with the push of a few buttons so the Waltz smart fits in even the small places. 

Zooper Waltz Smart

  I instantly found the the Waltz Smart was the perfect choice for us, as we wait for the arrival of Gwendolyn her big sister who is 3 has decided to over take the stroller. Our only issue is big sister saying "This is a special stroller & it's just for me", this is a huge change to us since we used to have to argue with her about going in a stroller. Even my five year old son was excited for the new stroller to arrive saying "mom it's so beautiful & perfect for my sisters."
Now that the kids were happy with the new stoller I got to hold it up to all the Mom Tests. 
~Is it practical for our family?
 YES, not only can we put our newborn in this stroller but we can quickly change positions for the toddlers.
~How easy is it to collapse & "pop" up?
The Waltz Smart is super easy to collapse & pull up with a small button on the handle to push in & a little lever on the left side to pull your stroller will easily collapse. You will "pop" it back up the same way. 
~How is the quality? 
The frame of the Zooper Waltz Smart is very durable with minimal plastic pieces. The fabric is thick so I won't have to worry about any easy tares. As for the wheels they appear to be more durable than some of the other strollers we have had in the past, there has been no wear on them since we began using our Waltz Smart.
~Does this stroller offer any extra features?
I have to admit I am mostly excited about the canopy on the Waltz Smart, the canopy can be expended all the way down to cover your baby from the sun, wind, or any other weather related circumstance the day may throw at you. At the end of the seat you can zipper the bottom up when your baby is small & unzip it for toddlers.This stroller comes with all the extra padding you see in our pictures & a large basket at the bottom for your diaper bag or anything else your child must have with them. Also included is the tray for your childs cups & snacks along with a cup holder to attach by the handle for mom or dad.

Each stroller from Zooper comes with a 3 year warranty to insure your satisfaction.

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