Which Zooper Stroller Is Right For You?

Published : 2015-02-10 14:57:07

Zooper stroller features


Two-Hand Push and Easy Compact Fold

Mom baby zooper twist stroller

All moms know, holding a newborn all day long isn’t an easy task! That’s why we’ve designed the Twist as the lightest umbrella stroller in its class. The nimble frame is made out of aluminum die cast – the same material that is used to build an airplane.  It can’t get much sturdier and lighter than that. Pushing your stroller will be a breeze, as well as carrying it from the house to the car.

We have designed the Twist for two-hand pushing.  This allows for the most compact fold when storing your stroller. The Twist is easy to fold. Just unclip the safety lock, remove the front bar if necessary, push handle bars together, and fold to compact.  If you don’t mind sacrificing the one step fold of the Waltz, the Twist will provide you with a more compact fit into those small closet spaces or the trunk of your vehicle.

The Twist Escape is our most affordable stroller. However, a lower price doesn’t mean a product of less value.  At Zooper, we believe you deserve to have more.  This stroller reclines for nap time or sits up to take in the sights. The leg rest and shoulder straps easily adjust with your growing baby. It is made out of quality, easy-to-clean materials and has a removable seat cushion. With swivel front wheels and a compact frame, maneuver through stores and cities with ease.  The Twist Smart has similar features to the Twist Escape, but provides a little more luxury for the mom on-the-go.   Enjoy richer materials, more recline, and a newborn head pillow. The Twist Smart comes with a front bar and car seat adapter included and is compatible with most car seats.


One-Hand Push and Easy One-Step Fold

Baby zooper waltz stroller

It’s all in the name – Waltz. Whatever adventure you’re on, you’ll find yourself dancing along with incredible ease. The city can be a challenge, with busy sidewalks and people galore. With the Waltz swivel wheels, one touch rear brake and sturdy frame, you’ll always feel graceful when waltzing around the city. Like the Twist model, the Waltz is made out of aluminum die cast material to provide you with the lightest and most durable stroller of its kind. With the light material you will never feel weighed down.

We have designed the Waltz for one-hand pushing. Its push bar connects all the way across the stroller. Since the Waltz does not compact in both directions like the Twist (due to the connected push bar), the Waltz will require more storage space when folded. But don’t worry – the Waltz will still easily fit in the trunk of your vehicle or a tight closet space. To fold the Waltz, simply unlock the safety and pull the handle.  When folded, the Waltz will stand on its own.  You’ll never have to lay your stroller down on the dirty ground while putting your baby into his or her car seat.

The Waltz Escape is designed to deliver the most maneuverability for parents who refuse to compromise on the size of their stroller.  This stroller is designed to safely secure your newborn baby as well as feel roomy and comfortable to your older toddler.  With an adjustable leg rest and shoulder straps, you will never have to worry about outgrowing this stroller at an early age.  The Waltz Smart has similar features to the Waltz Escape, and more. Enjoy richer, luxurious materials and more comfort with a newborn head pillow. Both the Waltz Escape and the Waltz Smart come with a snack tray included and are compatible with most car seats.


No Sibling Left Behind

Have more than one baby? The more the better! We’ve designed a line of double strollers to fit your newborn and toddler, or twins! Check out the Tango Escape and the Tango Smart.

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